Andrew Clarkson, Snow Advertising

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By blood, sweat and tears was Snow Advertising forged in the year 2000, when Andrew Clarkson  consolidated fifteen years of international branding and design experience in Switzerland, USA, Germany and New Zealand. His award winning logo and graphic design work is really good.

Effective and Targeted Advertising in all media: 
Digital, Print, Outdoor, Point Of Sale, Television, Radio etc
Logo Design, Graphic Design, Website Design, Branding, Brand Management, Advertising, Annual Reports, Brochures, Packaging, Label Design, Signage, Vehicle Branding etc

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"I can show you a picture of a man crying and it's just a picture of a man crying. Or I can show him in such a way as to make you want to cry. The difference is artistry - the intangible thing that business distrusts."
Bill Bernbach - Doyle, Dane, Bernbach

"I do not regard advertising as entertainment or an art form, but as a medium of information. When I write an advertisement, I don't want you to tell me that you find it 'creative'. I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product."
David Ogilvy - Ogilvy & Mather

Bill Bernbach and David Ogilvy are really famous in advertising's hall of fame. Throughout their lives they did some fantastic ads and then they died. Their clients sold tons of product, made loads of money and are probably also dead.

You and I are still alive. In light of this, and because we're all going to die, here are a few things that help shape my worldview:

Life is not a fluke. (Neither is your Rolex.)

Value everyone.

Value the feeling of mud squished between your toes.

Serve clients exceptionally.

Admit weakness.

Learn from history. Embrace change.

Avoid clichés about history and change.